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Добавлено: 26 окт 2019, 19:22
Dear friends! November 1 is marked in the calendar with a red cross not only because Forgotten World: Reborn opens, but also because of the traditional celebration of Halloween on our shard!

Guys, this last October night
Makes the things so strange but bright.
Happy Halloween, my dears.
Love you, friends. So, buddies, cheers!

Fragments of Creation:
Since the split of «Forgotten World» into two parts, a complete trouble has begun in both worlds. Hordes of monsters, civilians, and even animals - no one was able to stand up the chaos oppression.
But whatever the situation, according to ancient scriptures, one of the two worlds has a chance to survive. For this purpose, it is necessary to find fragments of creation and combine them to make the word «Reborn». The magic will be strengthened with each newly collected legend, and the balance of the world will gradually begin to restore.

Challenge Details:
– To participate in the challenge, you need to collect six fragments of creation. They drop out of monsters after being killed;
– Each fragment represents one of the five letters of the word «Reborn» (the letter «R» is not repeated twice);
– Having collected the whole word «Reborn», you need to double-click on any of the fragments in your inventory. Then instead of these letters a Crystal of Creation will appear, which contains a random reward.

Trouble one by one rain thick upon Lord British and people in Britain. Unknown people brought in grains of poisoned lot. The people who tried some of this lot turned into zombies.
Lord British learned of the disaster and immediately convened a military council, where the fate of the whole capital should be fixed and the winner in the battle against the plague should be identified.

Challenge Details:
– Visit Lord British’s Castle and find him in your residence;
– Talk to Lord, and then complete the tasks by stages. They are listed in the scroll that has appeared in your inventory.

Additional tasks:
During Lord British’s tasks, you could find several diaries of the event's narrative storyline. They are written on behalf of the characters participating in the event. If you are genuinely motivated to collect all seven diaries, then at the end of the event they can be exchanged for a rare mount.

Dawn of the Dead:
Halloween is coming, and the living dead began to appear here there and everywhere. Zombies, skeletons, gazers, and liches starve for fresh human flesh.
To kill the dead and may god watch their souls forever, a necromancer was specially invited from Bedlam Academy. He has a special skill of destroying the living dead and he is ready to share it with anyone for a price of 35,000 gold coins only. And if during your mission you are not eaten and still alive, the necromancer would not mind paying for every new dead man in his collection.

Challenge Details:
– Purchase «a Ghost Staff» worth 35,000 gold coins in any magical store. Then go to Britain's north gates;
– Use the «Ghost Staff» to taming a few of the living dead, and then bring their figurines to the necromancer. He will give you random rewards for each of them.

Britain Sewers:
The idea of Britain Sewers modification started up in September 2017. Such changes occurred during the adaptation of Stephen King's literary writing – «IT». On October 31 2017 the modificated Britain Sewers became available for players.
Britain Sewers is an ideal place for mastered newcomers who are in search for more valuable trophies. Once a year the sewerage system becomes a mystical dungeon full of deadly traps and artifacts that mysteriously appear only on Halloween.

During the celebration of Halloween, you can more likely find some more resources (including gold). The likelihood is increased in British Sewerage Lines and the trophies drop out more often. By the way, you’ll have a unique possibility to get special artifacts: «George's Rain Slicker», «Stanley Uris's Talmud» and «Henry Bowers' Knife».

Neira’s Return:
For several years in a row, the necromancer Neira returns on Halloween night, riding on her attached doom horse. She wants to wreak havoc, raise the dead, and... do other necromancy. This year was no exception.

You can find Neira on the territory of the game world. No one knows exactly where she will be today or tomorrow, but you can definitely meet her if you just try to find her.

Each event on Halloween celebrate will run from 1 to 14 November 2019. We wish you a pleasant game and a festive atmosphere.

See you soon!